Sunday Opportunities


Join us Sundays, Aug 26 through Dec 16.

Exodus Exposed: How God Births, Grows and Transforms Community

Exodus is the story of hundreds of thousands of people coming together as one community of faith. Each week we will delve into moments from Exodus, focusing on the people within. How does God draw them towards Him and towards one another?  Join us as we look at old stories through a new lens and to discuss how they apply to life today.

The teaching team includes Laurel Dickson, Heidi Harris, Carolyn Knudsen, Kerri Macy and Beth Taylor.

Immersing Our Lives in Our Faith

Deuteronomy is called the gospel of Moses. The Romans of the Old Testament. Jesus’s favorite Old Testament book. Wow! What’s all the fuss about?  Because it melds God’s saving grace with the believer’s response way better than any other Old Testament book. Why?  Because after 40 years of daily conversations with God and leading Israel, Moses knew his stuff.  Come find out more about this combo of history, law and covenant.

Teaching team includes David & Greta Cowart, Kathy Bean, David Miller, Wesley Johnson, David & Becky Pederson, Dan Reckmeyer and Liesl Smith.

For more information, please contact Kerri Macy .