God's Word: Live It!

Come and See

Sunday we wrestled with what it means to encounter Jesus. One of those moments when we know we're being pulled out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. In the first chapter of John, Jesus was asked where he was staying and his response was, "Come and see." He is inviting us to follow him, to walk with him, to serve with him. This invitation is life changing. It requires commitment and sometimes moving out of the comfortable routine of our lives. However, we can be assured that if we hear an invitation from Jesus, then Jesus will be right there with us. Ultimately, we will find ourselves inviting others to "come and see." Come and see the abundant life giving love of God, the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit, the nourishment of Holy communion and the warm embrace of Christian community. Backed by these gifts there is almost nothing we can't do or accomplish in the name of Christ. I could list any number of opportunities we have to follow Jesus at King of Glory, but I'm challenging you to listen to the call in your own life. I'm guessing most of us are wondering right now if we should make the leap to discipleship. You are asking yourself, "Can I really do that?" Whatever that is. The answer is YES! Christ is calling you to act in his name. In the fulfillment of that calling, you will fill your soul, nourish others, and find yourself making the same invitation to others that you received: "Come and see!"

Baptism of our Lord, Acts 10:34-43

Yesterday we visited the moment when Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan. We learned that he was baptized, not because of his need for repentance, but to engage with us in our common humanity. Like you and me, he acknowledged the need to belong to God. O ur baptismal practice is strongly linked to repentance, but the baptizing of infants is our way of saying this child belongs to God and is marked by the cross of Christ. It is also our way of engaging family and the Christian community in the teaching and spiritual nourishment of our child. Here are some suggestions for making this come alive in your life:

  • Read to yourself or your child(ren) Matthew 3:13-17. Use the story of Jesus' baptism as a way of remembering and talking about your own.
  • See if you can find your baptismal records and share them as a way of remembering who was there, when and where.
  • Use the sacrament in your prayers, thanking God that through Christ and our baptism into Christ we can be assured we are joined together with Christ in life and death through our baptisms.
  • If we discover we or someone in our family is not baptized, use it as a stepping stone to make a baptismal decision.
  • Remember we are baptized into the Christian faith, not into a denomination.
  • If questions arise, please share them with me. I would be honored to answer them.

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