God's Word: Live It!

One Leper Made Clean By Jesus Gives Thanks: Luke 17: 11-19

Yesterday we learned the 5 things a leper did after he was cured by Jesus:

  1. He saw Jesus, meaning he recognized who had healed him,
  2. he returned to Jesus so he could,
  3. 3) praise Jesus,
  4. 4) thank Jesus and
  5. 5) go on to tell others about Jesus' love and mercy.

Martin Luther described this story as what true worship looks like. We return each Sunday to seek Jesus, we sing hymns and use the liturgy to praise him, we pray prayers of thanksgiving, and we leave worship ready to tell others about Jesus' love and mercy. We leave forgiven, healed, and hopeful. Don't be afraid to tell someone you know that you went to church and came out feeling hopeful, healthier and loved. Invite them to come with you, to "return" with you so that they might "see" Jesus too.

Rich man and Lazarus: Luke 16: 19-31

This past Sunday we heard the story of a rich man who ends up in torment because he ignored the needs of others. The poor man meant nothing to him and he ignored him every day and never once shared even a crumb of bread.  

Our Savior was always concerned about the poor. During his time on earth he constantly sought out the poor, victims of discrimination, the hungry, the homeless and the mentally ill.  He reminded us that they are blessed, not cursed. Will we follow Jesus, or live a life choosing  to ignore the needs of others. Especially those "others"  who make us uncomfortable because they are different, or addicted, or begging, or immigrant or whatever it is about them that makes them invisible to us or mean spirited toward them.

It's us to us to embrace compassion or judgment, kindness or prejudice, graciousness or rejection. Will we stand with Jesus or not?