God's Word: Live It!

All Saint's Sunday

Yesterday's All Saint's Day sermon focused on our understanding of eternal life in Christ. Many of us have questions about what our eternal life will be like and the truth is, we don't really know. But we do know that God promises us resurrection through Jesus Christ. We need not wait until eternity to live with God. We can meet God everywhere. The resurrection occurs each day when we awake. Hints about eternal life occur each time we are Christ to someone else. Here are some quick glimpses of eternity:

  • Acts of kindness without recognition 
  • Forgiving someone without their apologizing 
  • Living a life of gratefulness 
  • Giving up prejudices 
  • Tithing 
  • Giving your worst fears to God, trusting God will solve them. 

As Jesus says, "Today, you will be with me in paradise. "

Reformation Sunday

Today's reflection isn't about a particular bible lesson, but about lessons learned. Yesterday we celebrated both Reformation Day and the Confirmation of seven young adults. There was wonderful music, splashes of red paraments and stoles, the emotion of young Christians kneeling before God and in front of the congregation to affirm their faith and a feeling of hope for the future. We touched on the historical importance and our Lutheran heritage and its part in the Reformation. So, what do we take with us this week after the worship experience?

Confirmation ministry is a vital, powerful stewardship of church resources. 9th grade students have a lot to teach us about critical thinking and spiritual formation. There is more than one way to make a faith statement. King of Glory cares and cares deeply about kids of all ages. The Faith Statement Banquet was lovingly, thoughtfully planned and executed. Faith mentors enrich students and parents, signaling the importance of each student beyond their own family. Everybody loves cake!!