About Us

King of Glory Vision 

As an ELCA Lutheran Christian church, we will help build a movement of faith that brings personal renewal, community formation, and cultural vitality and justice to North Dallas, our region and the World.

Our Mission

To be and to make followers of Christ who boldly share the grace of God with the world.

Our Core Values


We are called together to acknowledge and celebrate God's majesty and sovereign value in our lives. Through God's Word, the Sacraments and diverse forms of our liturgical traditions, the Holy Spirit renews us and sends us out into the world to share the Good News of Christ. (John 4:24, Psalm 95:6–7)


The Gospel creates a community that not only nurtures individuals but serves as an expression of God's kingdom. When we welcome and serve one another we embody the good news which matures our faith and offers a witness of grace to the world. (Ephesians 2:19–22)


We strive to teach God's Word with integrity in order to equip people to be lifelong followers of Christ. We provide learning environments that include relational and experiential approaches that deepen people's relationship with God through biblically based resources. (II Timothy 3:16–17, II Corinthians 4:1–2)


We are renewed in the image of Christ. In response to God's love for us, we serve one another, our extended community and those in need throughout the world. The Good News frees us to share our faith and use our time, talent and resources for the sake of God's Kingdom. (I Peter 4:10, John 12:26)


We are learning to proclaim and model the mercy and grace of God in order to share the transformational love of Christ with all. (Acts 20:24; 2:21)